20 ways we’re delivering for you

Jeremy Hunt: Growing the economy

1. We are introducing new laws to power more of Britain from Britain, secure our energy independence and support hundreds of thousands of jobs in North Sea oil and gas extraction.

2. We’re investing in hundreds of local transport projects near you, taking the right decision for the long term by rerouting money that would’ve gone into HS2 and instead putting it into Network North.

3. We’ll revolutionise transport by opening the door to game-changing new technologies like self-driving cars. This is only possible because we’re introducing regulations that will cement the UK’s position as a global leader in tech.

4. We’re cutting red tape with 12 new Freeports across the UK – each one benefiting from a combination of tax reliefs, simplified customs processes and lower business rates, which will help create tens of thousands of jobs and billions in new investments.

5. We’re securing the benefits of Brexit by bringing forward a bill that will allow the UK to confirm it’s membership of a trading bloc that will account for the majority of global growth between now and 2050 – the CPTPP.

The long term decisions we’ve taken over the last year haven’t always been easy, but they are paying off – just look at the inflation figures.

Now we’re looking to the long term with this plan to build an economy that will deliver a better future for generations to come.

Michael Gove: Strengthening society

6. We’re bringing in new laws to make the housing market fairer, getting renters a better deal, and making it easier and cheaper for leaseholders to extend their lease or purchase their freehold.

7. We’re safeguarding the future of football clubs with new laws that will put fans first.

8. We’re supporting the NHS with record funding and backing its Long Term Workforce Plan, meaning we’ll train more doctors, more nurses, more dentists and more GPs than ever before.

9. We’re protecting the health of our young people by creating the first smoke free generation, ensuring no child turning 14 this year or younger will ever be able to be legally sold cigarettes.

10. We’re protecting the diverse nature of our communities and driving out sickening and divisive hatred, including antisemitism, by bringing in new laws to ensure there is a fitting memorial to commemorate the Holocaust  and ban public bodies from implementing their own politically motivated boycotts of foreign countries.

We should all be so proud to live in a country where we have such a wealth of diverse and different communities – and we want to make sure that wherever you live in our United Kingdom, you should feel proud of your local community too.

Alex Chalk: Keeping people safe

11. We’re reforming sentencing in England and Wales, so that we can hand down tougher sentences to serious offenders and give victims greater confidence in the system – that includes forcing criminals to the dock to hear their sentences or face punishment if they refuse, tackling grooming gangs, and making sure that for the most heinous murderers, life really does mean life.

12. We’re bringing in new laws to ensure that, while the most dangerous criminals are locked up for longer, prison does not push redeemable offenders into a cycle of reoffending.  

13. We’re giving the police the tools they need to prevent complex crimes like digitally-enabled fraud, serious organised crime, and child sexual exploitation.

14. We’re doing more to support victims and strengthen the parole system – from preventing some of the worst offenders from getting married to creating an Independent Public Advocate who will support victims following a major incident or public disaster. 

15. We’re taking the necessary steps to protect our national security by bringing in new laws to ensure our security and intelligence agency have the powers they need and improving the protection of public premises  against terror attacks.

Keeping people in this country safe is our most important responsibility – today and for the long term. Through this King’s Speech, we’ll do exactly that, ensuring those charged with protecting the public have the tools they need to do their jobs.

James Cleverly: Promoting our national interest

16. We’re leading efforts to safely harness the power of AI for the long term by introducing a new AI Safety Institute, giving British people peace of mind that we’re developing the most advanced protections for AI of any country in the world.

17. We’re tackling the global drivers of instability – striking new agreements to tackle illegal migration and break the business model of the people smugglers; working to boost food security by helping Ukraine; and leading the charge to improve development finance with fundamental reforms of the World Bank.

18. We’re securing our supply chains by doing trade deals around the world, creating new partnerships on semiconductors with the likes of Japan, and deepening our trade and investment relationship with the US through the Atlantic Declaration.

19. We’re strengthening our role as a leading NATO ally by building up our defence-industrial base and developing one of the most advanced nuclear-powered subs the world has ever known.

20. We’re safeguarding critical infrastructure through existing laws to block acquisitions which could harm our security –  including energy.

Britain is the best country in the world. We should be proud of our role on the global stage – and what it delivers for us all at home.

And we will keep taking the long-term decisions to build a stronger, safer country, and a more stable world.