How we’re tackling youth vaping

Too many of our children are vaping.  

In the last three years the number has tripled, with as many as one in five of our children picking up a vape.  

Vapes are rightly used by adults as a tool to quit smoking, but our children are being targeted – able to walk into a shop and see bright, colourful vapes placed right next to their favourite sweets. 

We have a duty to protect children’s health. That’s why, alongside my pledge to deliver a smokefree generation, I am taking action to tackle the surge in youth vaping. 

Why are we cracking down on youth vaping?  

The advice is clear – if you don’t smoke, don’t vape. And children should never start vaping.  

We know that vaping can be useful for smokers to quit but marketing them to children is not acceptable, especially when the long-term health impacts of vaping are unknown, and the nicotine contained within them can be highly addictive.  

I want a better future for all our children, which means taking the necessary decisions to protect their health in the long-term.  

What action are we taking?  

Banning disposable vapes  

The link between disposable vapes and the sharp rise in youth vaping is alarming.  

In fact, the proportion of children using disposables has increased almost nine times in the last two years. 

Putting a stop to single use vapes will reduce the availability and appeal to our children, protecting their health in the long run. 

Bringing in powers to stop vapes being marketed to children 

No parent wants their child to start vaping – and it’s not right that children are targeted from the moment they walk into a shop.  

That’s why we’re bringing in new powers to restrict vape flavours, introduce plain packaging and change how vapes are displayed in shops so that they don’t appeal to children.   

Cracking down on illegal vape sales  

To crack down on underage sales, we will also bring in new fines for shops in England and Wales who sell vapes illegally to children.  

Trading standards officers will be given the power to issue ‘on the spot’ fines to tackle underage tobacco and vape sales.  

And we’re cracking down on vaping alternatives like nicotine pouches, making sure children don’t turn to this highly addictive substitute. 

I want our children to live happy and healthy lives.  

These plans, alongside our commitment to create the first smokefree generation, will help protect the health of our children for the future.