How we’re backing veterans

The heroes who have served in our Armed Forces represent the very best of our country. 

That’s why we’re determined to make the UK the greatest place in the world to be a veteran. 

From creating a new department dedicated to veteran affairs in the heart of government, to the rollout of ID cards for ex-members of the forces, we are determined to support those who served this country.  

Our plan includes harnessing the huge potential that veterans offer to employers and the economy, improving their access to mental health support, and tackling the issue of homelessness among veterans.  

Here are just some of the ways we’re backing veterans.

Helping veterans find employment 

We’re helping veterans find quality jobs after leaving the Armed Forces.  

Today we have announced Op Prosper, the UK’s first-ever dedicated employment pathway, helping veterans secure jobs where they can build on the skills they developed in the military. 

Backed by £2.1million of government funding, the scheme will link UK veterans with big and small employers across the UK to help them progress in their careers.  

It will help connect veterans with companies in sectors that are boosting the economy by:  

  • Educating businesses about the benefits of hiring veterans. 
  • Bringing employers and veterans together, building new recruitment and support pathways. 
  • Offering advice, guidance and wrap-around employment support to veterans seeking new jobs. 
  • Making new training and qualifications available to veterans of all backgrounds in communities across the country. 

As well as the launch of this scheme, we have also introduced a tax break for employers who hire veterans and rolled out initiatives to help recruit veterans into justice-related roles and the Civil Service.  

What jobs will Op Prosper help me get? 

Op prosper will focus on several sectors, including: 

  • Cyber and digital – including AI 
  • Manufacturing – including automotive, maritime and aerospace 
  • Energy – including renewable  
  • Financial and professional services 

Rollout of Veterans ID Card 

Those who served this country not only deserve recognition of their commitment and dedication, but also access to the support and services that they deserve.  

That’s why we’ve launched applications for Veteran Cards for those who served in the Armed Forces to prove their status.  

The card equips you with easier access to a range of veterans-specific support and services such as the NHS, your local council, charities.  

Some businesses have also chosen to offer discounted products and services to veterans in recognition of their service. 

Apply for an HM Armed Forces Veterans Card here

Health support for veterans  

We have launched a specialist NHS mental health service to help veterans, their families and serving personnel due to leave the military. 

Op Courage is a service supported by professionals who are from, or have experience of working with, the military community.  

Veterans can self-refer into the service, which helps with issues ranging from PTSD to substance misuse and addiction. The service can provide therapy, rehab services and, in some cases, inpatient care.  

Meanwhile, Op Restore provides bespoke physical health support to veterans in England who have suffered an injury because of their military service. Treatment is provided by specialists with expert knowledge in these types of injury. 

Tackling veteran homelessness and rough sleeping 

Earlier this year we launched the country’s first ever hotline for veterans at risk of homelessness.  

Op Fortitude helps veterans facing or experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping throughout the UK by connecting them with a specialist team to help them find housing. 

Anyone can refer a homeless or rough sleeping veteran to the network of support, which includes housing providers, charities and local authorities. 

We are also providing £20m for the ‘Veterans Capital Housing Fund’, delivering extra housing for veterans through new builds and refurbishments. 

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If you are an employer who would like to learn more about Op PROSPER, please complete the Register your Interest form or email with any questions.

If you are a veteran or member of the military community and would like to learn more about Op PROSPER please register with Forces Employment Charity or call their Veteran Support Team on 0121 262 3058