Long-term decisions

What does the Local Transport Fund mean for me?

We’re giving leaders in the Midlands and the North £4.7 billion to invest in local transport.

For the first time, local authorities in smaller cities, towns and rural areas can invest in the transport projects that matter the most to their communities.

How we’re tackling youth vaping

Too many of our children are vaping.

In the last three years the number has tripled, with as many as one in five of our children picking up a vape.

That’s why, alongside my pledge to deliver a smokefree generation, I am taking action to tackle the surge in youth vaping.

What is the Advanced British Standard (ABS)?

We’re introducing a new, single qualification framework for 16–19-year-olds called the Advanced British Standard (ABS).

Find out everything you need to know about the qualification.

How we’re reaching net zero

Our over-delivery on our green targets has allowed us to take a more realistic approach to net zero.

But we are still working towards our current emission targets. Here’s what we’re doing to reach net zero.

Why is the UK investing in nuclear energy?

We are substantially expanding nuclear energy in the UK.

Our new plans include exploring building a major new power station and investing in advanced nuclear fuel production.


The Prime Minister on halving inflation

In January 2023, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pledged to halve inflation by the end of the year.

In November, official figures confirmed that promise had been met.

AI Safety Summit: Everything you need to know

Countries from across the globe came to a shared understanding of the opportunities and risks posed by frontier AI.

The declaration acknowledges both the challenges and opportunities posed by frontier AI.