The King’s Speech 2023

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sets out his ambitions for the year ahead

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak inside Downing Street.

We are introducing new legislation to grow the economy, bring in investment, increase our energy security, create jobs, improve skills and boost our brilliant innovators and tech entrepreneurs – helping people everywhere seize new opportunities which will make their lives better.  

We are strengthening society by supporting the NHS, tackling smoking, giving renters more security, and eradicating antisemitism. 

We are keeping people safe by making sure the police have the powers they need and that criminals receive proper punishment.  

And we are promoting our national interests by backing our brilliant Armed Forces, supporting Ukraine, leading in NATO, and striving for peace and stability in the Middle East. 

In every area, we are looking to the long term, being radical and changing things for the better.  

Together, we will make our country more prosperous, more innovative and more secure, ready to seize the better, brighter future that the British people deserve.  

Why does the King’s Speech matter to me?

We will grow the economy

What we’ll do: Introduce new laws to support the production of energy at home, continue to drive investment into the UK, take advantage of Brexit freedoms to join one of the world’s biggest trading blocks and regulate tech firms.

What that means for you: We can protect existing jobs and create new jobs in the UK. We can reach our energy targets in a fairer way and reduce reliance on hostile foreign regimes. British companies can sell their products free from tariffs and red tape, and we can help tech companies grow, while protecting consumers.

We will strengthen society 

What we’ll do: Introduce new laws to stop young people smoking, and to support renters and leaseholders. We’ll invest in local communities and enable the Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre to be built in Victoria Tower Gardens, to ensure the Holocaust is never forgotten.

What that means for you: We can protect the health of the youngest people in our society, protect private tenants in England from ‘no fault’ evictions, create jobs and build homes around the country, and ensure that antisemitism is driven out of our society.  

We will keep people safe 

What we’ll do: Introduce tougher sentences and more powers for the police, support victims as they engage with the criminal justice system, and prevent more people from becoming victims in the first place, and ensure that the security and intelligence services have the powers they need.

What that means for you: Your streets will be safer by ensuring criminals get the sentences they deserve, police can prevent new and complex crimes and that our national security is protected.  

We will promote our national interests 

What we’ll do: Continue to invest in our Armed Forces, work with our international partners and lead international discussions on the development of artificial intelligence.

What that means for you: Our Armed Forces will have everything they need to keep us safe, and that AI is developed safely, while protecting the jobs of hardworking people.  

Read the full speech here.