Prime Minister Rishi Sunak shares 5 ways he’ll grow the economy

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has outlined his long-term plans to grow the economy.

In the speech, delivered in North London, he shared the five key areas he will focus on to improve prosperity in the United Kingdom, including:  

  • Reducing debt. 
  • Cutting tax and rewarding hard work. 
  • Building domestic, sustainable energy. 
  • Backing British business. 
  • Delivering world-class education. 

He highlighted the importance of controlling inflation and supporting the private sector to grow the economy, ensuring that taxes are cut carefully and sustainably, and seizing the opportunities that science and technology offer. 

In his speech, the Prime Minister said: “The first time many of you saw me was during Covid, when I stood up at a Press Conference to announce the furlough scheme.  

From that moment to today, whether you like me or not, I hope you know that when it comes to the economy, when it comes to your job, your family, your incomes, I’ll always take the right decisions for the country.  

I promised you we would halve inflation. We took the difficult decisions and have delivered on that promise. Now you can trust me when I say we can start to responsibly cut taxes.  

And we will now move to the next phase of our plan, to grow our economy by reducing debt; cutting tax and rewarding hard work; building domestic, sustainable energy; backing British business; And delivering world-class education.  

I will take the right long-term decisions and that’s how we’ll build a brighter future for our children.”